The Destro (Death/Trash/Groove)


Album: As The Coil Unwinds
Genre: Southern-influenced Death/Trash/Groove Metal
Year: 2007

1. Intro
2. Rivers Bottom
3. Beast Burden
4. The Offering
5. Knife In Hand
6. As The Coil Unwind
7. Bridges Will Burn
8. Structures Collapse
9. Stained Glass
10. Sever The Ties
11. Forever Embedded

Lenght: 46:12 Min.
Filesize: 82 MB
Info: mp3,HI-VBR,Joint Stereo

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Anonymous said...

Let's give it a try! Thnx m8!

Anonymous said...

Will give this one a go, thanxs for sharing m8 ;)