Theatres des Vampires (Gothic/Rock)


Album: Desire of Damnation (The Best Of...)
Genre: Gothic Metal/Rock
Year: 2007

Disk 1:
01. Intro (Mozart Requiem)
02. Never Again
03. Pleasure And Pain
04. My Lullaby
05. Angel Of Lust
06. Lilith Mater Inferorum
07. Dances With Satan
08. La Danse Macabre Du Vampire
09. Forever In Death
10. Queen Of The Damned

Disk 2:
01. Bring Me Back
02. Forget Me
03. All My Tears
04. Riflessi
05. La Danse Du Vampires 2007 (Revamped)
06. Solitude (Disco Inferno Remix By First Black Pope)
07. La Danse Du Vampires (Lxt Horror Mix)
08. Rosa Mistero (Lxt Poisoned Rmx)
09. Bring Me Back (In Techno Trance Rmx By Bionikle)

Filesize: 118 MB
Info: Mp3,VBR,Joint Stereo

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