Full Blown Chaos - Heavy Lies The Crown (Advance2007)

Heavy Lies The Crown
Released: August 21, 2007
1. Firefight
2. The Hard Goodbye
3. Halos For Heroes
4. Fail Like A Champ
5. Heavy Lies The Crown
6. Over The End
7. No Last Call
8. All For Nothing
9. Raise Hell
10. Standpoint
11. Mojave Pt. 1
12. Mojave Pt. 2
If you like Pantera etc. you will LOVE this shit, 666 forever\.../
My first real contribute, let me know if anything is wrong.


Vassago said...

hey dude
welcome to the mitl Blog :)
somethin is wrong ;) FBC sounds not like Pantera,i think,,FBC is Metal/Hardcore,new york shit just rules in this genre and FBC and Madball are the Gods in this^^

Anonymous said...

Everything seems to be in order, so Thnx!!

MisterCPH said...


It´s difficult for me, to put the bands in the correct "music "abc"", and i will probably do that mistake again, anyway, i will still be contributing, if you guys still want me to;o)))

Cheers and 666

qishaya said...

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