Riul Doamnei (Sympho Black)


Album: Apocryphal
Genre: Symphonic Black Metal
Year: 2007

1. Rev. 9:01 01:39
2. Nebula 05:22
3. Forgiveness asleep at the tyrants palace 04:55
4. Hypostasis of the archons 05:20
5. Siege dawn to the pillars of heaven 06:32
6. Legacy in violation 04:34
7. Haeretica (18th march 1314) 01:56
8. Thy name is Legion 05:35
9. Sindon consecration sophisticated 06:18
10. Magdalene for vesper requiem 00:56
11. The last supper 08:47

Lenght: 51:59 Min.
Filesize: 112 MB
Info: mp3@VBR320

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