Lyfthrasyr (MBM/Dark)

[Germany ][Karlsruhe]

Album: The Recent Foresight
Genre: Melodic Black/Dark Metal
Year: 2007

1. The Addiction To Peace (Intro) (1:11)
2. Rage Towards Apathy (4:56)
3. Venture And Value (6:26)
4. Servants In Silent Devotion (6:05)
5. Visions Of Hope And Despair (5:33)
6. Exhaling The Spirit Of Time (5:30)
7. Obsession In A Convenient Manner (6:20)
8. Perception Never Expected (4:38)

Lenght: 40:39 Min.
Filesize: 71 MB
Info: mp3@VBR228

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Keyboard said...

This is one of my favorite Lyfthrasyr albums. It reminded all of the listeners how good they are, especially in incorporating percussion, guitars and keyboard in their songs.