Steve Vai - Discography (Hard/Heavy)

1984 - Flex-Able Part1 / Part2
1984 - Flex-Able Leftovers
1990 - Passion And Warfare
1993 - Sex & Religion
1995 - Alien Love Secrets
1996 - Fire Garden
1999 - Ultra Zone
2000 - The Seventh Song
2001 - Alive In An Ultra World Part1 / Part2
2002 - The Elusive Light and Sound, Volume 1
2003 - The Infinite Steve Vai: An Anthology Part1 / Part2 / Part3
2005 - Real Illusions: Reflections
2007 - Sound Theories


Jeremy said...

hi.. can i have the password for steve vai - Sex & Religion... thanks

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Which album contains Steve's version of Charlie Brown's Christmas tune "Christmas Time Is Here?"

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