Sideblast (Death/Black/Thrash)


Album: Flight Of A Moth
Genre: Death/Black/Thrash Metal
Year: 2008

01. Storyboard ( 0:41)
02. The Abscess ( 5:13)
03. Pattern Of Life ( 5:01)
04. Deep Scorn ( 1:30)
05. The Circle Is Closed ( 4:08)
06. Wrong Decision ( 5:14)
07. Since The First Day ( 3:49)
08. Flight Of A Moth ( 3:43)
09. Lucid Dream ( 5:32)
10. Same Blood ( 4:58)
11. Arise (Bonus) ( 3:30)

Lenght: 43:19 Min.
Filesize: 75 MB
Info: mp3@VBR227

Download @


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