Darkthrone - Frostland Tapes (Black/Death)


Album: Frostland Tapes
Genre: Death Metal (early)/Black Metal (now)
Year: 2008

"Land Of Frost" Demo (1988)
01.Land of Frost 04:06
02.Wintds of Triton 01:57
03.Forest of Darkness 04:41
04.Odyssey of Freedom 03:32
05.Day of the Dead 05:39
"A New Dimension" Demo (1988)
06.Intro- Twilight Dimension 00:45
07.Snowfall 09:05
"Thulcandra" Demo (1989)
08.Eon 03:46
09.Thulcandra 05:47
10.Archipelago 04:53
Extra track:
11.Soria Moria 03:43

"Cromlech" Demo (1989)
01.The Watchtower 05:12
02.Accumulation of Generalization 03:10
03.Sempiternal Past - Presence View Sepulchrality 03:21
04.Iconoclasm Sweeps Cappadocia 04:00
Live From Denmark 1990:
05.Cromlech (Live) 04:32
06.Sunrise Over Lucus Mortis (Live) 03:37
07.Soulside Journey (Live) 05:00
08.Accumulation of Generalization (Live) 03:27
09.Sempiternal Past - Presence View Sepulchrality 03:57
10.Iconoclasm Sweeps Cappadocia (Live) 04:29
11.Neptune Towers (Live) 03:20

"Goatlord" Rare Instrumental Version (1991)
01.Rex 04:10
02.Pure Demoniac Blessing 02:49
03.(the) Grimness of Which Shepherds Mourn 04:40
04.Sadomasochistic Rites 04:20
05.As Desertshadows 05:03
06.In His Lovely Kingdom 03:33
07.Black Daimon 02:15
08.Toward(S) the Thornfields 03:54
09.(Birth of Evil) Virgin Sin 03:38
10.Green Cave Float 04:08
11.A Blaze in the Northern Sky 04:56
12.Fenriz Drum Solo 02:35

Lenght: 2:18:00 h
Filesize: 209 MB
Info: mp3@VBR209

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