Tarot - Undead Indeed (Heavy/Power)


Album: Undead Indeed
Genre: Heavy|Power Metal
Year: 2008

Disc 1:
1. Crows Fly Black
2. Traitor
3. Pyre Of Gods
4. Wings Of Darkness
5. Back In The Fire
6. Tides
7. Bleeding Dust
8. Veteran Of The Psychic Wars
9. Angels Of Pain
10. Warhead

Disc 2:
1. Follow Me Into Madness
2. Before The Skies Come Down
3. Ashes To The Stars
4. Undead Son
5. You
6. Crawlspace
7. Rider Of The Last Day
8. I Rule
9. Guardian Angel (Bonus Track)
10. Things That Crawl At Night (Bonus Track)

Lenght: 119.49 Min.
Filesize: 209 MB
Info: mp3@VBR

Download @


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